Conceived at the intersection of different ideas, cultures and continents, the members of the Omnibus-Type collective are all connected by the same typographic passion. For these designers, typefaces are born, grow and develop as living beings with pulsing thoughts, knowledge and emotions.

Whether they are to be displayed on screen or printed on paper, if they are created by old-school artists or digital natives, the Omnibus-Types works combines insights from academic research with common sense from walking the streets. Some projects are born free, to be used and seen by millions all over the world, while other projects begin when clients approach Omnibus-Type to specifically create their exclusive brand fonts and create unique letterforms of their identity.

All of them are continuously maturing and evolving. A true combination of aesthetic acumen and technical precision requires continual adaptation to new uses, new languages, and new technologies.

Omnibus-Type Team


  • Pablo Cosgaya
    Project Developer & Type Designer
  • Jorge de Buen
    Jorge de Buen
    Contributing Type Designer
  • Héctor Gatti
    Héctor Gatti
    Senior Type Designer
  • Oscar Guerrero C.
    Oscar Guerrero C.
    Font Developer & Type Designer
  • Sergio Jiménez
    Sergio Jiménez
    Contributing Type Designer
  • Renata Polastri
    Renata Polastri
    Contributing Type Designer
  • Daniela Raskovsky
    Daniela Raskovsky
    Contributing Type Designer
  • Marcela Romero
    Marcela Romero
    Project Developer & Type Designer

Omnibus-Type is possible by the work of many people. We thank also Romina Aráoz, Henrique Beier, Dave Crossland, Rafael Dietzsch, Lucía Domenech, Romualdo Faura, Marc Foley, Teo Fumagalli, Julián Gak, Alfonso García, Mercedes Jáuregui, Deia Kulpas, Emma Marichal, Martín Rognoli, Daniel Roldán, Alejandro Sanchez Menendez, Sebastián Sánchez, Ana Sanfelippo, Bruno Somoza, Guillermo Torres, Andrés Torresi, Pablo Ugerman and Rosalie Wagner.