At Omnibus-Type we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a major contribution in the creation or renovation of a visual identity: the creation of a bespoke typeface, exclusively tailored to meet a brand’s specific needs.

No brand can claim ownership of a color or a shape, but nowadays any brand can have its own custom-designed typeface. Building and maintaining a clear and unique visual identity is a very complex challenge. As colors, symbols and patterns are subjected to vast competition and can hardly hold out their singularity, a bespoke font can be a valuable asset to communicate a brand’s distinctive personality and values.

We work side-by-side with your design team to create a possibility that, until not long ago, was considered a privilege only available to a few of the largest global brands. If you do not have an in-house design team we can work directly with your executives to accomplish the same world-class results.

Omnibus-Type Custom

Benefits of having an exclusive brand typeface

  • Ensure brand consistency: Either conceived as the exclusive typeface of a new brand or developed from an existing logotype, a custom-designed font family will guarantee coherence throughout all applications of your brand system.
  • Strengthen brand messaging: When a brand message is expressed in its exclusive typeface it conveys a distinctive voice, with it’s own character and grace. A bespoke font will carry a brand’s personality even when all other brand elements are absent, a personality that is concurrently enhanced with the use of diverse type settings and styles.
  • Efficient adaptation to all platforms and media: Modern brands need to be simultaneously expressed in multiple formats, devices and operating systems. Our custom fonts are a highly versatile tool, providing great functionality to embody the company’s voice consistently and efficiently across all platforms and media.

What we bring

  • Top quality products that combine academic research, technological awareness and mastery of the craft.
  • Experience in collaborative projects as well as working with major well-known brands, such as Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts.
  • A diverse team of type designers, with multiple origins and creative profiles, fitted to perform in a global market.
  • Great expertise in all aspects of brand identity and graphic design, besides typography.
  • Since 2010 pioneering experience in type adaptability to digital environments.


Our services include

  • Bespoke typeface creation
  • Creation of new weight or width styles for an existing typeface
  • Incorporation of special characters to an existing typeface
  • Font format adaptation or conversion
  • Optimization for screen display
  • Development of additional language sets
  • Historical interpretations


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Omnibus-Type Services

From the custom adjustment of a free font to the tailored creation of a brand new font family to meet any requirement, no matter the scale of your brand, company or organization, at OmnibusType we are able to provide solutions to any typographic need.