Jaldi जल्दी

Jaldi is the Hindi word for ‘soon’, and the typeface family is a contemporary sans-serif Devanagari with subtle rounded corners. Designed by Pablo Cosgaya and Nicolás Silva, Jaldi was made to match the Latin design of Asap, named after the acronym “As Soon As Possible,” which is included as the Latin component. Asap is based on Ancha, designed by Pablo Cosgaya and Hector Gatti in collaboration with Andres Torresi. This family is specially developed for screen reading and use on the web, and like Asap is has a special twist: Jaldi offers a standardized character width for all styles, which means that lines of text always remain the same length. This useful feature allows users to change type styles on-the-go without seeing any text reflow.

  • supervisor_accountCosgaya, Silva & Omnibus-Type Team
  • assignmentSIL Open Font License, 1.1
  • grid_on2 fonts, 1232 glyphs each variant.
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